There are a few places where you can take a bamboo raft along the Yulong River. You can either book a tour in Yangshuo or get there by bike and then negotiate a price, but bear in mind it's unlikely anyone will speak English. If you cycle then you can keep your bike with you on the back of the raft or have it transported by road to where you're river trip ends. They tend to prefer the latter option but it depends on whether you trust it will turn up at the other end. If you keep it with you on the raft then you will probably have to hold on to it a few times to keep it from falling in to the river when going down the weirs. The journey along the river is a slow and relaxed one passing through beautiful scenery while a local propels the way using a pole.

Tip - Don't be intimidated in to buying photos nor beer. However, the photos are vey well taken and price are very reasonable.

        Maybe it is a good idea to buy just one or two and keep them as memories of your activities in Yulong River.