40 minutes by local bus from Yangshuo, Xingping is a place you must not miss. If you are only interested in buying some souvenirs its worth the trip. Prices are cheaper & you do not have to suffer the hard sell of West St, Yangshuo. The bus trip is very pleasant, passing through several small villages.

If you are a mad keen photographer you can get off the bus at any time, take your photos & catch the next bus. They leave every 15min. Xingping has the very best scenery. Most people come here to take a raft trip as the Li River between Xingping & Yangdi has the very best scenery.

For hikers, take the river path to Yangdi or bus to Yangdi from Yangshuo & walk back to Xingping. There are many places to walk, hike, bike ride or raft to.

So far Xingping is much quieter than Yangshuo, but progress is fast. With more and more familes visiting, guest houses for an over night stay in Xingping are a great way to enjoy a little of the old style rural life of China.  Go to the Main Street in modern Xingping any evening and enjoy the wonderful street Bar-b-ques.  

You can climb up to the summit of Laozhaishan hill to shoot for sunset of Li River.