There are several language schools around Yangshuo all offering basic survival Chinese Mandarin courses as well as more comprehensive courses. The basic survival Chinese courses can be from one day to a couple of weeks, and the comprehensive courses can be taken for several months if one really wants to immerse in the culture and language of China.

Generally you need to give one week notice before starting a course, though some schools may accept shorter notice depending on how busy they are.

Some schools offer one lesson free to see if you like it. Course prices vary but are around $375 USD for a two week course of 3 hours teaching each day, upto around $9000 USD for an all inclusive (with food and accommodation) 24 week course of 6 hours teaching each day.

 The schools often also offer extra curricular social activities to learn more about Chinese culture and explore the local area, e.g. tea drinking, calligraphy, rock climbing, tai chi, etc.

 Try the following for more information:

Omeida Chinese Academy (, +86 077 3881 2233)

Chinese College (

Private Chinese lessons with Becky (,  +86 15676392759)