Also known as West Park is nice during the day, but you may want to avoid it at night.

Sculptor James Drake created several pieces for the park, depciting Civil Rights Movement events that happened there.

  • Police and Dog Attack - the sculpture is at ground level, and is made up of three vicious-looking dogs that seem to lunge at you the way the dogs did the day of the May 1963 demonstration.
  • Children's March - this sculpture shows two young children behind a wall of steel bars, representing the children that were arrested during the protests
  • Footsoldier Tribute - a memorial showing an officer holding a young man by the shirt and an aggressive police dog with the other. The narrative recall's the footsoldiers of the civil rights movement's "gallantry, courage and great bravery" in the face of "attack dogs, high-pwered water hoses and bombs."
  • Martin Luther King Jr. - a full sculpture of MLK; his imprisonment was the reason for the protests that occured in the park.