Jiuzhai Valley National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. Locally it is known as Jiuzhaigou, meaning "Nine Village Valley" in Chinese. It is home to nine Tibetan villages scattered in its 720 sq. km area, with population over 1000.

At Jiuzhaigou, the main attractions are the blue and green lakes, numerous spectacular waterfalls, and unique animals and plants. The lakes and waterfalls are all easily accessible from the park roads, either next to the road or require no more than 10-20 min hiking on paved trails. From the park entrance, the major road runs south for about 8 mi through the valley (average elevation 6500 ft). It then bifurcates into 2 roads further south, each of which runs for another 10 mi. There are the villages, and more than 20 lakes and waterfalls dotting along these roads. Mountains and peaks are flanking both sides of the valleys, with the highest peak almost at 14,500 ft. The Tourist Center is located at the road junctures at the center of the park. Restaurants and shops are located there.

It is no surprise that only the park shuttle buses are allowed inside the park. The bus drops off and picks up visitors at each of the scenic spots throughout the park. Bus ride is unlimited during the day for one bus ticket. Two  full days are required to maximize sightseeing in the park.  Those who spend less time will be bypassing many of the scenic wonders, catching the shuttle often rather than following the easy trails.

In many ways, Jiuzhai Valley is similar to Yosemite National Park in California. Both are formed with valleys surrounded by mountains. Evergreen forests are predominant. Above the tree lines are rocky peaks that are covered with snow in the winter. What Jiuzhai Valley lacks in the monolith rock cliffs of Yosemite, it has more creeks, lakes and waterfalls than Yosemite.The plenty supply of ground water makes Jiuzhai Valley always green and its lakes and waterfalls filled year round.

The different beside the waterfalls in Jiuzhai Valley is more and wider, people can seat and relax below the waterfalls, and the lakes with different colour depends on the the seasons and sunshine, its very attractive, pickock lake, panda lake, tiger lake and many more. the valley are more up and down, not like yosemite which are flats and private car are allowed to enter and put tends on certaint area or rent the tents which prepared by yosemite management, they are very well organised or some hotels as well.