To see how people really live go to Yu Hu Village.  There will probably be very few tourists, probably only trekkers on the way up to the mountain. Yu Hu is about 40km outside Lijiang at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It't a tiny village, just about every house is built very artfully and without cement of local stone and is covered with a lovely bird wing roof. Among the traditional courtyard style farmhouses there is the village primary school, one or two vendor selling locally made handicrafts and a museum, the home of Joseph Rock who was the first foreigner to research the Naxi culture. Tourists can attach themselves to  guided tours and rent a small horse or mule in the center of the village (also the car parking lot). Not only persons interested in the ancient Naxi architecture/building style but also anybody who loves the unspoiled and old, will be delighted to find this well preserved place where time virtually has stood still.