Sveta Nedelja - Island Hvar (Croatia)

Sveta Nedelja village

Sv. Nedjelja is a village on the south side of the Hvar island. There's a road from Jelsa trough a narrow tunnel to that village. That side of the island is full of rock walls. Like everywhere at the Croatian coast there's some hidden nude beaches. They also a taxi boats to the island of Scedro, where is a naturist beach as well.

Sveta Nedjelja is especially known by its wines which have the reputation of being the best wines of the island of Hvar, particularly the Plavac red wine. The village is situated below the highest peak on the island, Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas).
By a small motor boat it takes about an hour to get there from Hvar town. Intact nature and clear sea add to the special atmosphere. Fishing grounds lie to the island Scedro and the Lukavci islands. Sveta Nedilja is a very popular free-climbing destination. There are is a small market in the village and several restaurants that serve local dishes and excellent vines.

There is no hotels there but you can find private apartments.

Sv. Nedjelja is especially known for its rock climbing areas. See the dedicated site for Rock climbing on Hvar here.

For more info explore this website, which includes information about scuba diving and nudist beaches.