Monkodonja is a hill fort occupied about 1800-1200 BC during the Bronze Age. It is located 5 km near Rovinj (Croatia) in the region of Istria. Many of the present-day towns originated from such settlements, such as Rovinj, Bale, Počer, Pula, Motovun, Labin...


Among the about 50 gradinas in the environs of Rovinj, Monkodonja is outstanding in size. The settlement is oval in plan with a length of 300 m and width of c. 200 meters. It is located in a protected place 75-81 m asl and at a distance of 2.5 km c from the coast.

Monkodonja was discoverd in the 1950s. Excavations began there in 1953, and brought forth evidence of the special importane of this fortified site. New excavations sterted in 1997 and continued until the 2007th.