There are dozens of boat tours offered in Rovinj for every budget. The cheapest ones cost approximately 10 Eur and they take you for one hour tour on an old boat packed with people, while the most expensive tours on new motor yachts are always individual, and they cost from 500 - 2.000 Eur, depending on the season, the length of your stay on the boat, how much gasoline you spend and what do you consume on the boat (soft drinks are free, there is a selection of local vines, as well as luxuries such as French Champaign, etc.). The sea around Rovinj is stunningly beautiful, there are dozens of bays with crystalline clear water, uninhabited islands, bigger islands with hotel resorts and restaurants, etc. Usual tours include Lim Fiord, Red Island, Brijuni Islands, towns of Porec and Vrsar. If you rent a boat privately for a whole day, you will be taken wherever you want, activities will be organised for you like fishing, snorkling, swimming, sightseeing, and you will be suggested a great restourant to have lunch or dinner. Don't miss your chance to see Rovinj's most beautiful face, which you can discover only from a boat, and if you are lucky, your boat will be followed by the most magnificant sea creatures, dolphins. The cheap tours can be found in the port of Rovinj, while the expensive ones are booked in Marina or with the concierge in your hotel.