Many of the safety tips one should follow for Pulau Tioman are of the usual variety for tourists traveling overseas:  It is important that people pay close attention to their valuables and bags and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.  Visitors should use their hotel's safe and take caution while traveling at night.  Keep in mind, however, that the penalties for crime in Malaysia are very harsh and that this fact alone makes the country fairly safe.

Perhaps more important, because Pulau Tioman is an island, are the safety precautions related to the ocean and boating.  The tides and currents surrounding the island are very strong so it is important to always check the weather forecasts and tidal charts before getting into a boat of any size.  Tides can be even more extreme during full moons and new moons, so take that into consideration as well.  Extreme high and low tides can make it difficult for boats to land, or strand boats that are already docked.  Try if you can to coordinate your travel times with the tidal schedule when boating.