The thousands of visitors who come to Pulau Tioman each year come to be surrounded by and to enjoy its amazing beauty, lush tropical landscape and fantastic beaches.  Other than shopping venues, there is little in the way of man-made attractions or museums, so when it comes to popular tourist attractions on this tropical island it is its beaches that appear at the top of the list.  

Pulau Tioman has several beaches which are open to tourists.  Salang Beach, near the island's northern tip in a remote fishing village, is among Tioman's most beautiful.  Surrounded by thick jungle, this beach is popular with hikers and boaters and more adventurous types willing to leave the safety of their resorts and explore.  The village near the beach does offer some restaurants and bars for those who are hungry.  Click on the link above for more information.

From Salang Beach it is a short hike south to Monkey Bay, an even more remote area encompassing a small bay and a beautiful white beach.  This location is popular because of its seemingly untouched beauty and secluded nature.  It is also accessable by water taxi, and can at times get somewhat surprisingly crowded.

To find out about Pualau Tioman's other beaches, Panuba Bay, ABC and Tektek, visit Journey Malaysia's beaches page and click on the beach  you want to read about on the top of your screen.