Like most of the coastal towns HIkkaduwa is mostly a long strip close to the coast and built up either side of the main highway, What you will see most of is about 3km long, starting at the bus and train station and ending at CInnamon gardens, Beyond Cinnamon the bay continues and is nice for jog or a walk, but there is little in the way of tourist services.

At the bus and train station end, around KM 97, you will find many useful local shop including pharmacies, post office, hardware and clothes shops. There is also a useful market for fruit if you get fed up haggling with the beach vendors. Use the ATM here, it is the most reliable, and if it eats your card then you can get it back from the bank the next morning. Walking further down, you will come to some big hotels and some dive schools after 1KM. There are some small rocks out in the sea here where you can go snorkelling or take a glass bottomed boat to see the sea life and some turtles.

Around about 99km, opposite the new CITRUS hotel is where the the real tourist centre begins and where you will find many tourist shops, a liqour store and a very useful, reliable and friendly supermarket, it has a big KODAK sign outside and is just opposite the Citrus. from here down to KM 100 there are plenty of hotels and guest houses on either side of the road.

From the bus station to KM 100 the beach is pretty poor. It is just around Rita's hotel, coming into NARIGAMA village that the beach starts widening out and you are in less danger of shredding yourself on rocks.  From RIta's south there is a 2/3 km bay of wide beach, Around and south of Ritas you will find plenty of accommodation, further south a number of places are springing up, right down to Cinnamon gardens, a hotel which provides a fairly high standard of service.

There is plenty of surfing and plenty of nightlife in Hikka and the party night rotates between Mambos, Funky de bar, Vibrations and the beach bars in Narigama. Top Secret bar is the place to go in the day time, clean efficient service at a reasonable price.

Most surf rentals are in Narigama, just outside Ritas is where most seem to surf and Hari, a veteran of the beach and often a lifeguard, will rent you a board from his beach hut near RItas.

How many lives did you save this year Hari? Several. How many said thanks, one or two. The rip CAN BE DANGEROUS so be careful.