There is a lot of great shopping to be done in Kandy. The city has many markets where you can bargain for handcrafted goods, local specialties, and just partake in the action of the city. But you will also be able to find fine and deluxe boutiques as well.

If you are interested in market shopping, they are easy to find but you an begin at the Station Road Market as it is the biggest one, flourishing with activity. Some great things to buy in Kandy include leather, wool pashmina, silk and jewels. You can find all of these things here. Be prepared by having cash on hand and be ready to bargain.

At the same time beware of those local touts who always try to come behind you by pretending that are helping you. They will never help you even though that they pretend so. They never show you or direct you to the best places or shops but they will always try to direct you to the place or shops where they can get 30% to 50% commission plus they always try their best to squeeze you to get the maximum advantage out of you, specially your hard earning money by cheating you very badly in a secret manner. Their mouths are with full of lies and sad stories to get your attention. Please don't ever get caught. So make sure to go anywhere just by yourself with no touts, so you can get the best reasonable value plus you are 100% safe anyway. If a tout follows you just simply tell him to leave you alone. 

Sri Lanka also has upscale boutiques as well including the islands biggest mall the Kandy City Centre. This gigantic mall is full of shops and entertainment, six floors of it in fact; you can plan on spending a lot of time here.

Shopping for gems and jewelry is a big affair in Kandy. Sapphires rubies, zircon and more are available in abundance and found at half the cost than in North America, Europe, or Australia.

Kandy is the best place to buy good quality Batik.