There are several great events during the year in Kandy that could really enhance your stay here.

Perhaps the biggest celebration of all is the New Year Celebration, Avurudu. But this is not the Western New Year on December 31 and January 1; this is the Sinhala and Tamil New year in April. This Buddhist celebration coincides with when the sun moves from the star formation of Pisces to Aires. This also marks a seasonal change in Sri Lanka and the bountiful end to the harvest. For a full week the people celebrate, rituals begin, houses are cleaned, fire-crackers go off. This version of Buddhist New Year is unique to Sri Lanka making the festival all the more a cultural event.

Another Buddhist related holiday occurs in May, Vesak or "Buddha Day". This plays honor to Buddha's life; from his birth to enlightenment and on to Nirvana. This day you will see the people in worship, commemorations around the city, and monk readings at the temples. But there are also artistic performances as well such as theater shows, street performers, and a lot of treats.   "Nevam Perahera" is another cultural festival worth checking out that happens annually in February. Most of the action for this festival happens in the city Colombo , but transportation there is relatively easy and fast. For this celebration, performers take over, bands play, elephants take on the street in beautiful costumes. Many people travel to Sri Lanka for this exotic holiday.