Getting to Victoria Gardens can be a little challenging if you are going by road or are new to Mumbai. Here are a few tips to reaching there effectively. Victoria Gardens is situated in the local area called as Byculla. To reach Byculla by train you need to travel on the harbour lines. From south Bombay you need to take a train from Victoria Terminus and board a harbour train bound for Bandra or Andheri and Bycullla will be a 4-5 stop after the train departs from Victoria Terminus. If you are starting from the Western Suburbs, then Harbour trains start from Andheri or Bandra and you need to board a train that goes to Victoria Terminus. It takes about 1 hour to reach Byculla and you can count the station from the station map provided in the Train. Get down at Byculla station and alight on the East side.  Come outside and take a left from under the flyover and the zoo is a mere 5 minute walk from the station.

 If you are coming by road from the western suburbs then tell your cabbie to take you to Bycullla and 99% of the time they will know the place. In case you are travelling in your own car then you need to reach Dadar TT, this is the central side of Dadar terminus. To reach Dadar you can take the western express highway and cross over to the Dadar TT link road from Bandra taking a left before you touch the  Mahim causeway flyover.  You will pass through the famous Dharavi on to the central side. Once on the central side drive toward Dadar and keep driving straight until you reach Hindmata cinema. Once you reach Hindmata cinema ask for Bycullla, the cabbies will be the best guide, drive for another 5-7 km until you see the large Voltas building. Victoria Gardens is right next to the Voltas building.