Mumbai is stretched North to South and it as two railway lines running along its longer sides: Western Line along the west coast and Central Line along the eastern edge. The two lines meet at Dadar station.

Besides these two there are smaller lines such as the Harbour Line. Local trains are frequent during the day (every 2-5 minutes) and run till 12.30 - 1 am midnight. starting at 4.30 am in the morning.

Trains are the fastest and cheapest mode of transport but very very crowded and all of the tourist spots are far away from the railway lines, not recomended for tourists.


As of January 2014 , 

There are two types of taxis - (1) Black and yellow color  non-air-conditioned (2) Blue and silver color air-conditioned. Both have meters and it is compulsorily to use them. AC taxis cost about 25% more than the non-AC ones. All old and shabby non AC taxis over 15 years of age are phased out by the Government. Now all non AC taxis have an electronic meter which shows the exact amount of money you need to pay the driver which is Rs.21 for the first 1.5 km and subsequently Rs.12.35 for every km. There are quite a few on-call taxis (AC) which can be ordered over the phone/internet to come for a pickup at any particular spot for no extra charge. The meter reading starts with INR 27 (About USD 55 cents or about half of one USD). Night fares are 25% extra and are automatically added when the time changes from day to night fare periods.

Mega Cabs (Tel: 022-42424242)

Meru Cabs (Tel: 022-44224422)

Tab Cabs (Tel: 022-63636363)

Ola Cabs (Tel: 022-33553355) 

Easy Cabs (Tel: 022-43434343)

Arya Cabs (Tel: 022-44104410)

Gold Cabs (Tel: 022-32443333)

Cool Cabs (Tel: 022-42000000) Regular Cool Cab service can be contacted on phone like a call taxi with no extra charges. 

Call Taxis with only women drivers for women clients:

Priyadarshini (Tel: 022-43333999) 

ForShe (Tel: 022-44333222)

The newest Call Taxi service provider is 

BookMyCab (Tel:022-61234567) where you can order for a regular Non AC or AC taxi with the same fare you would pay when you flag down a regular taxi.

Taxis are the most convenient mode of transport, very cheap relative to Western countries and drop you off at exactly where you need to go. Most drivers do not understand English but can recognise names of places you tell them.


Three-wheeler auto-rickshaws run in the suburbs of Mumbai outside the central city area beyond Mahim on the Western line and beyond Sion on the Central line. All the rickshaws have an electronic meter from 2013 and the minimum fare is Rs.17 for the first 1.5 km. They seat 3 and have no place to keep luggage except your lap or a small bag behind your seat.


Mumbai has an extensive network of buses - AC and non - AC. All have their destinations written in Hindi/Marathi in the front of the bus and in English on the left side next to the entry door. Red in color (non AC) and some are double decker buses on some routes. Most of the purple colored AC buses are now covered with advertisement hoardings!

Buses are cheap and go everywhere, maybe difficult to navigate and find the right one though.