Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU)



There are few international flights to this airport.

There are two money changers. One is in the hall where you collect your bag. The other is virtually next door, just outside the exit. The one outside gives a slightly better rate. Weizmann Forex Ltd. Both charge a minimum of 100 INR commission and give a lower rate of exchange than you will find at money changers in town. Consider changing USD $20 or so to pay for the taxi, and change the rest of your money at a money changer in town.

There is a Prepaid Taxi counter which is recommended. Check your change.  Even if you do not have a hotel reservation, say you have, otherwise you will be taken to a hotel that pays the best commission. Expect to pay around 200-250 INR, depending on how far your hotel is from the airport.

You may prefer to pay the extra and arrange for your hotel to have a taxi meet you. Ask whether they will meet you inside or outside the terminal, and make sure they carry a sign for your hotel or with your name on it. Avoid unmetered taxis. Be prepared for a long ride that goes down lots of small streets. If you pay with a prepaid voucher, you do not have to tip.


Allow for at least an hour to get there by taxi.  Try to use a taxi with an Electronic meter, the official rate is double the meter amount. Some of the newer taxis will give you a receipt if you ask for it. Allow at least 2 hours for check in and immigration. Women have their own line thru security. 

The Duty Free shop on departure is the same size as the one on arrival. Merchandise is the same, cigarettes and liquor, which are the same price as in flight. 

Both the International and Domestic terminals are quite run down. It only takes a few minutes to walk from one terminal building to the other.

.There are dormitories for men and women at the International Airport. The men's dormitory has 24 beds, the women's one has 10 beds. These are located in the second level of the international terminal. Source: TOI online

You can also arrive/depart Kolkata by rail(stations: Howrah(HWH), Sealdah, Kolkata, Shalimar) and road (NH2(Delhi Rd.), NH6(Bombay Rd.), NH34(Jessore Rd.) and NH117(Diamond Harbour Rd.))