Gibson's is a classic Southern family owned and family style restaurant that serves pulled pork barbeque and ribs, barbequed chicken, fried catfish, stuffed potatoes, fried shrimp, and various other less-ordered options.  Gibson's also serves a full breakfast including large hand made biscuits, country ham, red-eye gravy, sausage (aka "sawmill") gravy, pancakes, and eggs any way.  The two Huntsville locations of Gibson's barbeque are not the same as Big Bob Gibson in Decatur or David Gibson BBQ in Huntsville, although the families that own these restaurants are related.  You can expect less than pristine surfaces and maybe less than friendly service, but you will always get quick servies and consistant food and will probably meet lots of local and state politicians, ministers, and other regulars.  For breakfast, try the biscuit, country ham, and gravy.  For lunch, have a stuffed BBQ baked potato or pork sandwich.  Their fried catfish (filet or whole) is classic, and the BBQ chicken is served with white sauce.  Oh, and the pies!  Coconut, lemon ice-box, pecan, and chocolate, just like grandma used to make before she started dating again.