Travelers who are seeking to enjoy local events while spending time in Huntsville should know about the following locations and activities:

  • Big Spring Jam ( – This is the biggest of all of the music events taking place in Huntsville throughout the year.  It takes place in September each year and has grown to include not only music but also food, vendors and activities.
  • Black History Month (February) is widely celebrated throughout Huntsville with a range of different events going on all throughout the month.  The annual jazz festival takes place in the area at this time.
  • Cemetery Stroll ( is a springtime event which many visitors enjoy for the history it offers about the area.
  • Panoply Arts Festival ( – This April event is a downtown arts festival featuring art, music and live performances.  All ages are welcome.
  • Santa’s Village is just one of the many Christmas events which take place in Huntsville .  It is located at Constitution Village, one of the most interesting museums in the area.  See for more information.
  • Von Braun Center ( – This venue features numerous events from conventions and craft shows to baby fairs and other specialty activities.  Check the website for updated event planning information.

For a calendar of upcoming events, see