Biking is a popular recreational sport for visitors to Melaka and locals alike.  The city itself is bicycle-friendly, with many of the two-wheeled vehicles seen frequently riding along its streets.  Melaka is also home to a few bike rental shops for those who may not want to travel with theirs.  In addition to this urban biking, the area just outside of the city is very popular for mountain, or off-road biking.  The rolling hills, beautiful natural landscape, woods, and rice paddys make it a perfect biking destination.  Several travel companies offer off-road biking excursions in the area around Melaka, many of which include overnight stays of one or two nights.  These bike excursions offer guided tours through some of the area's most scenic regions and most challenging terrains.  They range in price from about $200 to $230 person for groups of 8 to 24 people.  For more information about biking tours of Melaka visit or Melaka Mountain Bike Hash , or ask at your hotel or travel agent.