Located on the Gulf of Mexico Mobile, Alabama has mild winters and while temperatures can get chilly truly cold weather is a rare phenomenon. Snowfall is also seldom seen. Temperatures can dip below freezing in the winter from December through February but this seldom lasts.

Daytime temperatures in the winter are typically around 60 degrees, and winter can actually be drier than in the summer months. This makes Mobile a pleasant destination year during the off-season.

On the contrast the summers can be hot, humid and for some almost unbearable. It isn’t uncommon for numerous days with temperatures that exceed 90 degrees during June, July and August. The fall brings some relief and by November temperatures are around 70 during daylight hours as an average.

The summers can also be the wet season for the Gulf Coast and hurricane season lasts from June until November. So while there is plenty of sun in the summer, this is also when there can be some rough weather too.

Early spring and early fall remain the driest months and with generally mild temperatures are considered the best months to visit.