The Malolo islands, the main island and smaller Lailai are only about 10 miles from the mainland of Viti Levu but are truly a world away. The local people tell a legend of their ancestors arriving on the small rocky outcropping to the east with only a few supplies and some taro for planting. Malolo Lailai is an excellent stepping stone for visiting other islands in Fiji's famous Mamanuca and Yasawa groups.

Although separated only by a small isthmus, which is walkable on the ebb tide, the two islands have a very different feel. Lailai is mainly home to two major resorts and some associated workers in a camp on the hill. Malolo is very quiet with only one village on the eastern side which features beautifully manicured argricultural fields. The main draw around Lailai is the amazing atmosphere inside of the barrier reef which are home to hundreds of species of tropical fish and even sea turtles. Very few sharks are found here unless you're really looking for them.

 There are some great beaches on Lailai. You can walk all the way around the island in around two hours. From the main resort of Musket Cove you can walk directly to the other side of the narrow island and visit the most beautiful beach on the island. It's rarely visited so you can expect a lot of privacy.

 Musket Cove resort is very popular with the Fiji yachtiing crowd and features 25 permanent moorings and free outdoor barbeques.

View from the top of the highest peak on Malolo island