Don't go to the Nanjing Road, a pool of shops in it but you will probably get lost in the crowds and find no difference between other shopping centers.

Go to the the Bund in the early morning or late at night. These are the wonderful time for you to enjoy the beauty of it.

Go to the Hengshan Road, it's located in the famous Xuhui District. It was built in 1892, a street in the former Shanghai French Concession of Shanghai. A famous writer Ailing Zhang used to live in this place for several years. Now it's famous for bars and cafes since this is a quiet street very close to the shopping center, Xu Jia Hui. You may go to this website to further observe.

 If you want to choose a hotel in Shanghai, it is suggested that you choose the ones which are located in the west side of Shanghai instead of Pudong. Because this is where most local people live and love.

You don't need to choose a resturant according to the official recommendation, just walk along the street and go into a small resturant. Maybe delicious food is just waiting for y!!!