Beware - of the 'tea ceremonies'

In the Bund area and the Peoples Square there are young couples of 2 girls and a boy posing as tourists. First they ask you to take a photo and then they engage you in conversation. Following this they say they are going to tea ceremony that is only on this week and would you like to go with them.They take you to a small shopping mall (Peoples Square) called 'Champs Elysee' upstairs to a small room where the tea ceremony takes place. Then they ask you to buy teas and present the bill which is a large amount. They say they are paying part of the bill and if you dont have enough cash there is conveniently an ATM just outside. Having paid they may 'buy' you a gift of a boxed set of 2 cups and pot and then escort you out and back to whereever you were originally going. They are charming , very friendly but it is a SCAM. Avoid at all costs and don't engage with them in the first place.

On a more general note, never follow strangers to any place. Same as any city in the world.