When most people think of travel to Costa Rica they imagine rugged backpackers making their way through dense undergrowth, braving the elements of the jungle.  In many cases this is an accurate description of typical Costa Rica tourists, but not always.  More and more often families are making the journey to Costa Rica together:  parents and children, in order to experience what the Central American paradise has to offer as as unit.  Parents get to experience the country's breathtaking beauty and children get a once in a lifetime educational experience.

Several tour companies now offer travel packages to Costa Rica, and La Fortuna in particular, as all or part of the trip.  These packages are often all-inclusive and provide transportation from the airport with a private driver, hotel accommodations, excursions, activities such as rafting and hiking, and sometimes even meals.  The inclusive nature of the packages makes it easier for families with children to coordinate and execute travel in a foreign country, and helps to insure that everyone can relax and have a good time.

For more information about traveling to Costa Rica for families see a travel agent or visit Info Hub's Costa Rica page.