You can still walk around the center of Liberia and have a glimps of what was the white city. Historically,  Liberia has been called  "La Ciudad Blanca" becasue of its white adobe houses, white dirt roads and its people who dressed all in white because of the extreme heat.

Now, we can say that is only history, but tourists can still appreciate this by walking through the Calle Real; that represents the heritage left by Nicaraguan settlers in Liberia, the Hermita de la Agonia, an all adobe church with architectural features similar to the ones in Guatemalan churches;  and looking through houses around Barrio Condega, that keep that colonial flavor.

In present time, constructions have been painted in many colorful combinations, that do not  represent the white city, nor do the roads that have been paved or the clothing that people wear , but for tourists the bright side about Liberia is its location 30 to 45 minutes away from many tourist destinations.

Commodities such as banks, the hospital, supermakets, drug stores, restaurants and cafes, shops, bars, car rentals, and of course the airport just minutes away. It is easy to plan day trips from Liberia. A day to Rincon de la Vieja National Park,  an afternoon to Llanos del Cortez Waterfall, a day in Hermosa Beach are just some of the things you can experience by staying in Liberia. Liberia still keeps the small town character, everything in the center is walking distance, and its still safe to walk around.

I reccomend the following places, El cafe Liberia, Restaurante La Toscana, Restaurante Bramadero, Restaurante Sapori D'Italia, Helados Del Prado, Soda El Viajero, Bar Casa Pueblo, Bar Mohandas, TCBY, Pizzeria Pronto, Guanaburger, Panaderia Musmanni.

Safety tips: Change your money at the bank. Do not pay in dollars pay in Costa Rican colones or credit card unless prices are listed in US dollars. If you are renting a car do not leave valuable things inside, and please check that you always leave it locked. If you are going on  day trip somewhere, do not leave your things unattended. Do not walk by yourself at night in lonely dark streets. Other than that rest assure that you will have a safe and happy trip to Costa Rica.