There are a few things to keep in mind to stay safe while you are here in Playa Hermosa. First, if you see any suspicious looking people on the beach, just avoid them. Many times there are nice people who come up and try to sell you either jewelry, food, or braid your hair. These are just honest hard-working people who are trying to make some money. However, there are also other people who walk around and will try to scam you. They may try to tell you about their hard life or be friendly with you and then ask for money or want to take you somewhere. Just say no thanks. They might try to lure you over where no one else is and either rob you or involve you in some sort of scam. Just walk away. Also, never buy or do any drugs while you are in Playa Hermosa. Not only should you just avoid this for obvious health reasons, but if you are caught by the authorities you will be in some serious trouble. All of that aside, Playa Hermosa is a relatively safe place to spend either an afternoon or a vacation with a family. There isn't an outrageous crime rate and the people are generally very nice and helpful.