If you want to rent a car you can get one at the airport at Daniel Oduber International Airport, located in Liberia. Liberia is only 20 minutes from Playa Hermosa, so this isn't too big of a problem. If you are flying into Daniel Oduber Airport, you can just rent the car from an agency in the airport, or you can get one from several different locations in and around Liberia. The best types of vehicles to rent while you are in Costa Rica are 4x4 off-road capable cars. Many of the roads outside of the cities are in poor condition and can be especially dangerous when it rains. If you drive around the country you will find that it can be very time consuming and treacherous to drive through the countryside. You can usually get by just fine with Kia Sportages or Honda CRV's. Most of the car rental agencies offer these types of vehicles anyway when you want to rent. If you are going to be taking a taxi to Playa Hermosa, make sure you know how far you are going to go. Not all of the taxis have working meters, and the drivers will just charge based on their experience. Some will try to charge you a little more though. Not speaking the language is a draw back, but you can get by if you know enough simple commands.