A good road between Tamarindo and Samara and with a 4WD easy to handle. That is nearly exactly that what some travel guides are saying. First of all, it is an Adventure! But only if you are prepared for it. You definitvly need a car with 4WD! But better grap an ATV or a motorcross bike. The road is so absolutely bad that it can even make more fun to ride it with an ATV or a motorcross bike. There are big holes and rampes all the way down to Samara. One can spend hours on this road especially if  you are not prepaired for it, drive during night or have a rental car. Skip all that and you can definitly have a lot of fun, and can drive from Tamarindo to Samara in at least 2,5 hours. You also have to cross 4 rivers with your vehicle and one of them is really big. Be prepaired that during rain season the last river can be so deep that it can be impossible for you to cross it. In that case you have to turn around and drive neaarly the half way back. If you are going by bike you can use small bridges, which were build for Pedestrians, to cross the first three rivers. There is no bridge over the fourth river, neither for Pedestrians nor for cars or ATVs. You also see some nice places and beaches during your ride down from Tamarindo to Samara, but only if you have the time not to concentrate on the road, which can be very difficult at the end.

On the picture you can see a very small part of the road which is compared to the rest of the road excellent.

Route 160