Golfito is a medium-sized town located on a small golf within the larger Golfo Dulce. It is the government seat for several small communities around including Playa Zancudo, Playa Cacao, Puerto Jimenez, Pavones, and Río Claro. Therefore it has more amenities available to the region. It has a large, well-run hospital. It has a small airport with twice-daily flights to San Jose and Puerto Jimenez. It has a post office, internet cafes, and several nice hotels and restaurants. It is a main jumping-off point for visitors to the Corcovado National Park on the Osa Península and Pavones, a surfing destination. It is also home to many sport-fishing outfitters. Visitors to Golfito may be interested in its history as a "banana town". The United Fruit Company exported from Golfito until 1985 and you can still see remants in the old steam train engine located close to el Dique Seco. Golfito is also home to the country's duty-free zone, known as the Deposito Libre. Many visitors come from all over Costa Rica to buy large-ticket items once or twice a year.