There are plenty of things to do in Monteverde and if you're on a tight budget you might want to take a few of these into consideration.  For the hikers there is a nice walk that goes "up to the towers" this is a path that is after the Hotel Belmar, it starts down, but then it is a couple hours till you get to the top, there you can expirience an excelent view and expirience wonderfull nature on your way there. The next one you can do, either by car or walking and it is the San Luis lookout, this is on the way down to San Luis, it is basically a table on the side of the road, but, you get an excellent view of the valley of San Luis and of the Nicoya Peninsula, definetely recomended for sun-sets, and if you walk you might even get to see some fauna and be surrounded by the lush flora of the area. If you are into humming birds go to the Humming bird gallery, if you call ahead they will put on a show for you. Always very important and many times forgotten is the culture of the area, Monteverde is one of the places in Costa Rica (besides Sarchi and San Jose) where you can visit several artists galleries and get to see some of the artistic culture in the area: there is CASEM (which is the women's co-op) here they sell nice hand made jewelry of embroidery make sure to ask the women their stories, Marco Tulio's studio, this is basically the studio of one of the best known artists in town, Stella's gallery, she is one of the first artists in the Monteverde area, and Art House gallery which is a mix of different artists, most is made at the gallery itself by different artists, and you can find exclusive and original works. It is nice to visit the gallery-studios because you can get a chance to talk to the artists and see their work, even if you can;t buy and always ask questions, it is a great way to learn about their work. If you have some time off and want to learn a new skill Stella's and Art House both offer workshops for a fee.  Please always take time a ask the locals questions, those are the best tour guides you can get, and Monteverde has a fascinating story which many people will be willing to share. Remember there is lots to Monteverde, almost everywher eyou go there is something to see, and if you ask the people at ACM they will let you know if there are and free activities in town such as jam sessions, pot lucks, concerts and more.