Most people who visit Tahiti do so because they want to enjoy fun and relaxing days on the beach or exploring the islands, and they also want to enjoy the evenings by starting with a good meal and then engaging in some sort of entertainment. In Tahiti, there are many places to visit for great nightlife that are crowded with both locals as well as tourists.

Tahitian Dancing: Almost all of the hotels in Tahiti host regularly scheduled dance shows. Being present at a traditional Tahitian dancing show is something that should not be missed since it’s unique to the Tahitian islands. Most dances occur after a meal filled with traditional Tahitian food is served. The cost of attending a full dinner and traditional Tahitian dancing performance can cost $50 and up per person.

Bars, Clubs and Pubs: There are many nightclubs in Tahiti that range in style from regular, every-day bars to very upscale and elite nightclubs. In general, any tourist is allowed to enter the elite nightclubs – some locals may be excluded. Unlike some bars and clubs in other countries, most of the ones in Tahiti are not cheap and most require some sort of cover charge, however, cover charges usually include the cost of the first drink. Drinks range in prices depending on the bar.

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