Moorea is one of the islands that make up the group of Islands of Tahiti and its official tourism board website covers it as well as all of the other Tahitian islands.  The tourism board's site is a good place to start gathering information on Moorea.  Because the site is sponsored by the Tahitian government the information given is guaranteed to be factual and the tourism board's information and travelers' assistance services are always free.

Tahiti's tourism board site provides travelers with all types of useful information on Moorea.  Visitors will find accommodations information, things to do, island history, maps, dining information, and sample itineraries.  There are also a number of travel packages to Moorea advertised on the site that are unavailable elsewhere on the Web.

People in the process of planning destination weddings or other group events in Moorea will also find free help at the tourist board's site.     

More traveler information is also available on Moorea's separate tourism site.