Moorea, although it is a small island, does have some public transportation options for those visitors who do not wish to drive.  Le Truck, the islands main public transportation company, offers transportation from the island's ferry docks into Moorea Village as well as to Moorea's resorts and other villages and towns.  Le Truck is a public, pen-back truck with benches service whose schedules are coordinated with that of the ferries' in order to provide service to its passengers. 

Le Truck buses are also available at the airport and at either of the company's two main terminals on the island: the Le Petit Village shopping center across the street from abandoned Club Med at the northwest corner of the island, on south to Happiti termminus and the other at  Vaiare Ferry dock.  Le Truck has a reputation for being reliable and their buses are even known for picking up passengers who are walking on the side of the road.  Le Truck does not have a website.  Schedules are fare information is available at the airport, ferry docks, and at most hotels and resorts. 

As of Jan 2, 2014 there was no Le Truck in Moorea or in Tahiti.  It was stopped about 2 years ago in Tahiti.  There is now a bus that goes from the ferry around the south side of the island past Le Petite Village shopping area to the Intercontinental although you must let the driver know you are going that far.  The fare was 300 CFP.  If your resort is on the north end of the island you will need to arrange transportation through the resort.  There is a hotel shuttle which is about $1500 CFP per person or you can get a taxi.  The taxi was 4500 CFP from the ferry to the Intercontinental Resort.