Families with kids will find plenty to do when visiting Moorea.  The ocean and its beaches are the central focus of almost all visits to the island and moms, dads, and kids alike will all enjoy the myriad activities that the ocean has to offer.  One favorite activity of families on the island is snorkeling.  Most resorts, and several private companies, offer snorkeling excursions that include equipment rentals, a boat ride out to the reefs, and lessons where appropriate.  It is a great learning experience for kids to see live and up close the tropical fish and sea life native to Moorea, and such trips create family memories that last a lifetime.

Other great water-related family activities on Moorea include swimming, sport fishing, boating, and parasailing.  Some resorts even offer special kids clubs.  These clubs allow children to spend time with other kids their age in an adult-supervised environment while they swim, boat, snorkel, or play organized games.  They also provide a nice break for parents, who can drop the kids off for a few hours and spend some time alone.  Check your individual resort for details.