Visitors will have several opportunities to shop while visiting Moorea.  The island has several villages, each with its own market and shopping areas.  One of the better shopping areas in Moorea, where tourists enjoy visiting because of its high concentration of small shops, is Le Petit Village, located across the street from where Club Med was located*.  Le Petit Village is a grouping of several different types of stores, cafés, and food stalls all in a neo-colonial type of setting.  Items that can be purchased there range from the necessities:  film and batteries, to souvenirs:  T-shirts and postcards, to native crafts. There is also a small grocery store which sells a variety of items such as: fresh vegetables, canned and bottled goods, beer, sodas, as well as household products - just like a small town grocery.  Fresh picked fruit is also available, but prices are much lower from the roadside stands.

One of the most popular native items for sale on Moorea is called a pareu.  This tropical wrap is worn by many natives and can also be used as a bathing suit cover-up or even a dress.  Other popular tourist purchases on the island are genuine vanilla beans and black pearls.  French Polynesia is known for its high-quality pearls and Moorea has many pearl shops catering to tourists.  Many pearl shops even offer free transportation to and from customers' hotels.

 *note: Club Med is no longer in operation, however Le Petit Village is still in operation.  Many of the Pearl Stores have free transportation offered from the pier to the store and back again.  Ask for Chris from the Pai Moana Pearl Store.  His family owns the pearl farm and the store and sells pearls near wholesale prices.