The major culture of the island of Aitutaki is that of the Eastern Polynesian people.  This is an ancient culture which itself has been greatly influences by a range of different historical experiences and includes signs and symbols from other cultures including various Asian cultures and European cultures.  Additional information about the history affecting the Polynesian culture is available at .

This culture is best exhibited to travelers through the local nightlife experience of Aitutaki.  The nightlife there is comprised primarily of Island Nights, which are similar to the luaus in Hawaii and use a combination of local foods and local performances to share the local culture with travelers.  More information on this nightlife is available at .

One of the interesting things about the area is that there are a number of different languages readily spoken there.   The main language is Cook Islands Maori, but several Polynesian tongues are spoken and English is also widely known.   This latter fact hints at the fact that the culture of Aitutaki has been heavily influenced by tourism which is the main industry of the area.   Western culture began to penetrate the island in the middle of the nineteenth century when English missionaries arrived on the island.  By the turn of the 20th Century, Aitutaki was rising to prominance as a trading port and horticulture producer for the populous of Tahiti.   Aitutaki was used as a military base by American soldiers during World War II.  Due to the protective and administrative influences provided by New Zealand, the island and has continued to grow ever since.