Aitutaki visitors who are seeking the pounding beat of the European club scene are going to be disappointed, as this is not the kind of nightlife that exists in the islands.  However, travellers who are open minded about experiencing nightlife Aitutaki style will find that they have no trouble being entertained, despite the fact that the pace of the nightlife is slower than that of major world cities.

The bulk of nightlife in Aitutaki is comprised of “Island Nights” which are similar to the famous luaus in Hawaii, including a feast, local music and entertainment.   Island nights are featured on different nights at different clubs and hotels.     While Friday nights used to be the most popular for Island Nights, now there are numerous locations which host them throughout the week.   As travellers quickly realize, most of Aitutaki’s nightlife, whether or not the Island Nights are of interest, takes place in the local resorts. The most popular bars are the Boat Shed  located at the end of Ootu pennisula, Samade Resort also located at the far end of Ootu peninsula, Tamanu Beach Resort and the Fishing Club located on the wharf in Arutanga.