Juneau's best known neighborhood is its downtown, a bustling city center full of shops, restaurants, theatres, attractions, and the state's government buildings. There is a fair mix of modern and historic buildings found here and it is where most travelers to Juneau spend the majority of their time.

One of Juneau's oldest neighborhoods, where much of the city's building boom took place during the Gold Rush, is Casey Shattuck.  This neighborhood was first built in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and was the first subdivision of Juneau's downtown.  Its oldest buildings reflect the style of much of the architecture from that time period in the West.  They are short, simple and lack ornamentation.  The area went though a brief building boom after the Second World War and some of its homes reflect housing from that period.  The Casey Shattuck neighborhood is currently being considered for inclusion on The National Register of Historic Places.