Getting to Cirali by Bus or by Car

Fethiye- Cirali

Driving from Fethiye- As for directions you will drive along the coast road following the signs towards Antalya. First you will pass Kas, Kekova, then Demre ( St. Nicolas church), then Finike, then Kumluca and then after Kumluca drive about another 30 kms and then you will pass the Olympos juction. Keep on the main highway for about 1 km and then Cirali will be the next junction on the right hand side of the road. Keep a look out for the signs. Once on the village road follow the road about 7km down. At first the road will have a lot of turns winding it's way down into the village.

Buses from Fethiye- So different question; there should be buses frequently from Fethiye to Antalya. Don't know how often they run but at the bus station of Fethiye they can help you. Probably every 1/2 hour as well. But make sure that you take the coastal route not the inland buses. There is a route through the mountains direct to Antalya. The bus should take about 4 hours approx. depending on how many stops the bus makes. So plan for early in the morning to depart from Fethiye.

Antalya - Cirali

For Bus Service to Cirali - From Antalya you can take "Antalya tur", "Cicek tour" or " Kumluca Seyhat" FROM EITHER THE BUS STATION OR ACROSS FOR THE SHOPPING CENTER OF MIGROS. Cost is about 8 TL ( turkish liras ) per person and run from 6am until 8pm about every 1/2 hour. In the summer months they will run more frequently. Make sure you tell the driver to drop you off at the Cirali ( CHIR-ALI ) junction. Once you are at the Cirali junction there should be no problem to get the mini-bus service to the village center about 7 kms. Cost of mini-bus is around 5 YTL per person.

One note regarding the mini-buses into Cirali; if you are travelling alone or as 2 persons..once you are at the Cirali junction you can catch the mini-bus into the village ( 7kms ) but if there are no other passengers at that time one must wait until more arrive as they will not go down into the village with only 1 or 2 persons...for 5 liras each...they charge a private rate of 25 liras..for 1 person or 2 or 3 sharing this cost..

so if you can wait and more passengers arrive the cost is about 5 liras if not then unfortunately this is the cost ( 25 liras )

Driving to Cirali - You will drive south out of Antalya following the signs for the Kemer and Kumluca road. It will take about 1 1/2 hours to Cirali from Antalya. Once past Kemer it will be about 30kms more. Stay on the main highway and once you pass Ulupinar, Cirali will be the next turn off on the left hand side of the road. There are large highway signs posted - Cirali - Yanartas, Olympos beach. From this junction off the main highway you will travel down on the village road. There are at first alot of curves and then it will flatten out towards the bottom.