Beach in Dalyan

The beach is some 12 km from the incredibly beautiful village of Dalyan. Some 6 km long and more than 100 m wide. Covered with golden sand and smoothly going into the sea water which is shallow until some 150 m from the water line. On the other side of the beach there is Dalyan river with its winding canals. The water is crystal clean. The view is magnificent, because the beach is surrounded by high hills covered by pine trees. The beach is never overcrowded. Even in the regions with sun beds one may always find vacant beds. Elsewhere the beach is empty  and one person from the other is separated by hundreds of meters.

The beach is easily accessible from the village of Dalyan, either by boat (some 35 min. of delightful trip, which offer magnificent views at the rock tombs and  remainings of  the ancient Greek city Caunas), or by the minibus (20 min. of a pleasant ride for 4 TL return trip), which leave from the square near Mosq in Dalyan every half an hour. Many hotels in Dalyan offer daily free transportation to and from the beach.

If you want a quiet and less crowded day at the beach then go to the dulmus end. If you want lots of people and rows and rows of deckchairs then go to the boat end. The dulmus end is very quiet compared to the boat end simply because the tour companies bus their people in to Dalyan and then load them on to the boats and ship them off to the beach. Consequently the majority of beach visitors only go to the boat end of the beach.

 If you plan on walking between the two ends of the beach be warned, on a hot day it can turn in to a very long walk and you must have a hat and plenty of water!