Yap’s weather and climate mimics the rest of the Micronesian islands. Since it is pretty close to the equator, it has steamy, tropical weather throughout the year. This accounts for Yap’s alluring image as of pristine, uncorrupted beaches and landscape. The temperature ranges from 75 to 90 degrees, almost guaranteed, every day of the year, offering very little to complain about.

The humidity is at its strongest between November and February. However, this should really not detract people enough from visiting the island. Compared to most other weathers, this type of climate is ideal.

There are very refreshing trade winds that blow into the island and offer relief from the heat. These trade winds blow the strongest between March and October, which is a nice time to visit the island.

One thing to note is the rain season between November to April. If one is visiting at this time, they should anticipate rains and pack rain gear.

Yap has very distinctive festivals and cultural events throughout the year. It can be a great experience to visit Yap during this time when its unique culture can be seen and appreciated. Various tourist companies can advise travelers of the programs and festivals throughout the year.