Although the area that is covers was inhabited thousands of years ago, the history of the city of Bisbee begins with its founding, in the year of 1880.  During this time, the community of Bisbee came into existence because of the mining boom that the area was experiencing.  The major metals that were being extracted from the ground were gold, silver and copper.

            During the early 1900’s, the mining boom of the area exploded with the opening of more mines in the Mule Mountains.  With this, the population of Bisbee began rapidly growing and reached 9,000 people by 1910.

            In 1929, the county seat was moved to the city of Bisbee, which had formerly been in the northern city of Tucson.

            After World War II, the mining boom began to decline and so did the population of Bisbee.  Strip mining was introduced to the area during this time, and kept the inhabitants of the city afloat.  However, by the 1970’s, mining in Bisbee was a thing of the past.  Over the next two decades, Bisbee struggled with real estate prices and an unstable economy.

            During the 1990’s, the retiring generation began moving into the town and rebuilding much of its look.

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