Because the weather in Johannesburg is considered relatively moderate by international standards travelers often have trouble deciding when the best time is to visit the area.  Timing travels with one of the following annual events may be one way to make that decision.

  • Arts Alive is an annual festival which begins in September and goes on for six to eight weeks, highlighting different aspects of the history and culture of the area through modern art and performance art.  There are workshops, street parades, musical events and other related activities throughout Johannesburg at this time.
  • Chinese New Year, interestingly enough, is strongly celebrated in Johannesburg.  Visitors can enjoy traditional dragon dances and parades in the streets at this time.
  • Easter is celebrated in the area with both arts and religious festivals.
  • Gay Pride is celebrated the last weekend of September.  The gay and lesbian community is thriving in Johannesburg and this celebratory weekend is filled with a variety of events. Joburg Pride Website: - Car Rental specials for Joburg Pride
  • Human Rights Day in March is celebrated with solemn events in the arts and cultural centers of Johannesburg.
  • Youth Day (also known as Soweto Day) is a college age celebration of student revolution in the area.