Lake Havasu City is a rather young city. It was originally only an area that Mohave Native Americans, mountain men, and Spaniards had trekked through en route elsewhere. It was a desert land until a dam was built and later the military used it as a resting place. The lake had made the area beautiful however, it was a man with a vision, Robert McCulloh who, in the true spirit of the American dream, saw something in this vast desert space. He made a town here, he brought the London Bridge here, he single-handedly built from scratch, a major tourist attraction and a place where people could call home.

With the opening of the London Bridge, people were inspired and many picked up and moved here either with their riches or with nothing at all. The thought that a man could bring such a grand monument across the world got people motivated to start their Amerian dreams in Lake Havasu City. The culture therefore, sprouted as dreamers and idealists who liked the idea of a young city where anything could happen. There was an energy here and it remains today.

It was not only the London Bridge that made the voyage; English culture came with it in part by effort and the rest settled in naturally. Tourists enjoy seeing authentic culture of Britain here in the desert of Arizona.

Some of the Mohave Indian culture remains as well, notably in the marketplace. Southwestern culture, and desert life fills in the gaps culturally, Lake Havasu City is an active-outdoorsy community and is quite casual and laid back.