Lake Havasu City's history is a beautiful representation of the America dream; the idea and entrepreneunership that an individual can have and mold into reality. Located in the desert of Arizona, a real chance for its start was created in the 1930s when the Parker Dam was built creating the lake and taking advantage of the Colorado River.

The area did see its share of people passing through before the dam. The Mohave Indians roamed the areas as did Mountain Men in search of hunting spots. Spaniards came through and mines were set up at various parts near the Colorado River. The creation of the dam did not instantly create the city. Fishing and mining sites continued in the area and then World War II began and the area housed army members from the LA area.

After the war and when the military left behind the area, a gentleman by the name of Robert McCulloch discovered the region and was impressed by the beautiful lake in the middle of the desert. He was an entrepreprenuer if ever there was one, he decided to build a city here and not only that, but he decided to have the London Bridge shipped here. He was rich from family ties and business that he'd pursued, the man was business savvy and let nothing stop him. In 1968 McCulloch put in the winning bid in a London auction for the sale of the London Bridge. The bridge had been up in London since 1831; it had been the replacement for one that had been disentigrating as it had been up for 600 years. Nevertheless, it was the London Bridge and it was now being transported to Arizona, USA.

McCulloch had what it took to get the project completed, patience, energy, and money. The bridge opened with a grand celebration on October 10th, 1971 and promoted tourism and city growth. People were greatly inspired by what this man had done and it has forever put a once deserted area onto the map of the world.