For many people, when they first learn about the London Bridge being bought at a London auction and transported to a once desert-town all because of the idea of a motivated man, they are definitely wanting some more informatin. The beautiful story has a lot of details, from the history of the London Bridge to the history of an American entrepreneur; reading up on this cultural phenomenon and trivia-rich history will add to your visit to Lake Havasu City and make for some great fun facts at your next cocktail party.

You may want to start with the bridge's history in London with "Old London Bridge: The Story of the Longest Inhabited Bridge in Europe" by Patricia Pierce. From there you can move onto the London Bridge you will see in Arizona and get even more information by reading "London Bridge in Arizona" by Charles Johnson and B.L. Cansler.

A guide book will also help you with your history on the area and with your sense of getting around. " Insight Guide Arizona & the Grand Canyon" by John Gattuso and Brian Bell should be of great help as well Fodor's guide to Arizona.

If you enjoy photography books you will like "Lake Havasu City (Images of America)" by Frederic B. Wildfang.