Wonderful Spa Experience:

In almost all Belek Hotels you get free Turkish hammam and sauna. Please be diligent and investigate what each hotel has. Because there are big differences. For instances one hotel offers tropical pools, 3 different sauna, ice room , cooling pool etc etc. The  other may offer only the turkish hammam and a small sauna. And this is not always proportional to how much you pay to stay. Hence you must study.

Wondeful Golf:

From 9 hole to Champianship courses, golf schools and large pro shops a rather developed golf resort. Here you can find best short game practice facilities which are almost for free (10 euro if you do not stay in their hotel. No charge if you do)

 Beware of the taxi drivers:

In this very elegant and civilized area of hotels the taxi service is monopolized and is a constant head ache.  Not only that the fares are very expensive and much higher than in the city but the service and the attitude is terrible. Agrressive or rude drivers trying to overcharge, do not want to help to load and unload your luggage, if they do they keep nagging at you. And the worst of all there is no place to complain about them and to control them.