All the rates are in Argentinean Pesos  

1. How affordable are things like food, transportation, accommodation's and so on?
All the rates are in Pesos

Hot-dog _____________________________ $ 10 
familiar size muzzarella pizza ____________  $  35
a "Tenedor libre" (all you can eat) __________ $ 50 - $ 80 
steak with salad and drink from ___________ $ 50


Subway _____________________ $  1.10

Bus in town__________________ $ 1,10 - $1,25 

Taxi or Remis service in downtown ____________ $ 10/$15 dependes on the distance, it start counting on $4.60 and then its $0.46 cents each 200mts or 45" wait, is still cheap!

Bus from Buenos Aires- Puerto Madryn_________$ 360

Youth Hostel dorm from _______________________ $40

A simple hotel doble bed room__________________ $160

2. When is the best time to go?

 It depends on what you like to do... your age... Every season brings a lot of good Cultural activities and trips opportunities check:   Turismo Argentina 

The city is really beatifull during spring (october - november) because of the flowers all over, the weather is also great, another good moment is autum, any way never is too hot or to cold the worst temperatures in Cº are 0 or 40, only a few days during the season.

3. Where is the best place to stay in the city?  want to stay some where that is central to pretty much everything but price is also a concern.
Best place always is downtown but Buenos Aires is developing nice areas like Palermo and San Telmo, also you have alternatives such Tigre weekends or short trips outside Buenos Aire visiting Estancias.


Tango dance 

4. How much cost a Tango or Spanish lessons ??

Group Tango lessons runs from $25

Private Spanish lessons from $45

5. What are some of the coolest things to see and do?
Historic tourist attractions like " La Boca " or " Abasto " for Tango... Recoleta for History, arquitecture and art , Palermo is a trendy neigborhood, San Telmo mixes Tango and bohemians coffe shops...

Discos, Pubs and Night life is all year round...  Buenos Aires in English