First when planning a trip to the Southern Hemisphere, it must be remembered that their seasons run opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere; summer is essentially during the winter in the upper half of the earth. That said, December and January are the hottest months in Mendoza, making it a great winter retreat for northerners. Temperatures during these months are around the 80s and climb into the 90s. But, Mendoza in the mountains and therefore can see some various ranges in day and night temperatures. Dressing in layers and packing clothes according to highs and lows is a good idea.

The spring and fall of Mendoza are very pleasant months as well and have comfortable temperatures in the 70s. Winter in Mendoza, notably June and July, sees the driest months and has temperatures in the 60s. Mendoza is really a destination one can visit any time of year and choose according to temperature preferences, hot versus average.

Those wishing to ski, should plan on coming to Mendoza from June through October; the best months for this being in July and August. Other outdoor activities can really be done during all months, however. Those interested in visiting vineyards can also plan to do so all year round. 

From Mendoza, just two hours driving are two small ski resorts: Penitentes and Vallecitos. The largest ski resorts are approximately 4 hours driving and include some of the best skiing in the country: Las Leñas, Cerro Catedral, Chapelco.